About Us

VEN A KITE is a production company specialized in developing formats that leverages sports and music to reach audiences through well integrated content 360 strategies that include events and content distributed over TV and digital media.

The company, founded in 2003, has gained recognition for creating and producing branded content reality TV series for global brands such as Movistar, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG and Red Bull among others. It has also started and grown social networking sites dedicated to sports and music. Recently, it was selected as a finalist of the 2010 MIPTV’s Content 360 Cross-Media Festival in the category of “Next Generation Audience Engagement.”

As an organization, the company has been committed to deliver social value through initiatives that involve working with local communities where productions are held to promote environmental education and sustainable development initiatives.

A strong sibling team, Lissette and Alejandro Rojas, bring in the set of skills required to take and develop a concept from start to finish. Alejandro, an MIT graduate with technology background and consulting experience in top-tier firms, converts his creative thinking into structured execution steps and financial deals to develop business. Lissette, a Survivor participant with a law degree, brings in detailed knowledge on how to produce content and how to integrate visual elements to capture the attention of audiences. The two have been working together since they started up the company building a culture of creativity, teamwork and integrity that is difficult to match.

The VEN A KITE team, the greatest asset of the company, includes many inter-disciplinary individuals who all share a passion for delivering great experiences to anyone willing to push their own limits. All together they have served as platforms for sportsmen and musicians to set records and refine their skills in an entertaining way for anyone to watch.